Documents Directly from the Confederacy

Included in Sandusky’s collection are various invoices and directives from the CSA to Lynchburg hospitals. These documents include instructions for pay, instructions for receiving further orders from Confederate high command, and invoices for medical supplies sent from the Surgeon General’s office.

Confederate Surgeon General's OrderThis 1864 directive from the Surgeon General mandates that “physicians employed by contract, of the class who now receive $80 or $100 per month, will, after June 1st, 1864, be allowed one hundred and fifty dollars per month.”








Also from 1864 is a pay voucher addressed from the Confederate States of America to a Dr. B. F. Gatlin “for services rendered at Way Hospital, Lynchburg VA in the month of December, 1864.” This document reflects a raise in pay above the previously mentioned rates of $80 and $100.