R.P. Taliaferro

One recurring figure throughout Sandusky’s collection of medical documents is that of R.P. Taliaferro, who appears to be one of the chief medical officers at Way Hospital, the receiving party of many of the documents; however, Taliaferro’s signature also appears on the morning report of sick and wounded, which comes from Booker Hospital. A map of Lynchburg hospitals during the war shows a hospital listed as Taliaferro’s next to Booker hospital (Gravegarden). Taliaferro appears on requests for supplies, invoices, and other pieces of administrative paperwork. In a directive from the Confederacy addressed to Taliaferro, he is titled “Asst. Surgeon”. These documents suggest that Taliaferro’s duties are indicative of the daily activities of a medical officer who not only handled medical duties, but also administrative duties to keep Confederate hospitals running smoothly.

R.J. Note Side 1
This is a request from Taliaferro to be removed from duty under Sergeant Mercer of Division 2.  He felt his services were better used elsewhere as only 24 patients remained. The request is dated April 20, 1865, after Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, perhaps explaining the lack of sick or wounded in the division.


Morning Report of Sick and wounded
This is a daily morning report on the sick and wounded within Way Hospital. It’s dated from November 20 to December 1, 1864. Taliferro’s signature can be seen at the bottom of the document.