Dr. Edward Addison Craighill

Edward Craighill Sandusky Collection
A photo of Dr. Craighill. Donated by Peter W. Houck.

Dr. Edward Addison Craighill was a medical officer during the Civil War. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School just one month before war broke out. He was a private in Co. G 2, Virginia Infantry, and an assistant surgeon.

Craighill kept a manuscript during the Battle of Lynchburg that underlined Lynchburg’s importance as a medical center. In a personal letter Craighill states, “he was lucky to be where he was at that moment”, a reference to being stationed in Lynchburg.

After the war, he became a druggist in Lynchburg. The Sandusky collection includes a pamphlet advertising his various mona preparations including cough syrup, tooth wash, tooth powder, hazel lotion, and hair tonic.